Self Paced Online Course $997 10-15 Hours CPD + 3 months membership to The Balanced Firm Community

5 Steps to a Balanced Firm

In this program you will master the 5 pillars of a successful, sustainable and profitable practice. You will work at your own pace through the pillars with the course including all the templates, notes, videos and lessons you’ll ever need to find balance in your practice.

The course meets you where you are and no matter your stage of business you will be growing and learning. Think of this program as your pathway to a better practice and ultimately a better life!

What you will learn

Stage: Seeding or Starting Out
articulate your practice and life vision
develop a roadmap to achieve that vision
get all the tools to start out the right way
the way you start will be the way you finish!

Stage: Recalibrating
revisit all aspects of your practice and your life
identify what’s working and what’s not
get direction, tools and strategies that work
tweak, pivot and start reaping the rewards

Stage: Growing and scaling up
to grow a practice successfully and profitably requires
rock solid foundations and a roadmap
grow and scale with purpose and in accordance to your vision

Why I am passionate about balance.

I have spent so much time talking to peers, mentors and practice owners who have realised they have been chasing something that they no longer want. Many are aspiring to this magically $1million firm but only to find it is not want they want.
That was my plan too, only to realise that I was overworked, spreading myself too thin at the office and at home and something was going to give at one place or both. I actually decided to scale back and when I sold my practice I had shaved over $150,000 off my turnover but was making more money! So when I talk and teach, I’m absolutely speaking from experience – I started my practice from scratch, built it up and then scaled back to my practice and life “sweet spot” and I can help you find yours.

Course Delivery
The 5 Steps to a Balanced Firm program is run on the Mighty Network platform away from distractions and in a safe community of small and solo accounting practice owners. You will work through the course on your own, and is self paced. Along with the program content, lessons, templates and videos you will receive 3 months free membership to the Balanced Firm Community where you have the opportunity to engage, collaborate with other practice owners just like you. This community is priceless!

Here is how it rolls out:

Module 1 – Vision, Mindset and Balance
Module 2 – Clients
Module 3 – Services, Pricing and Packages
Module 4 – Employees, Team and Culture
Module 5 – Technology Stack

You will benefit from this program if you:

Want to start having the practice, the lifestyle and the money you thought you would when you left the comforts of a regular wage.
Want regular work, colleagues to bounce things off and no assets on the line!
Wanted to escape that demanding / PITA boss but only to realise the demands on an increased number of demanding / PITA clients.

Accounting Practice Mentor

Here's just a few examples on what I've witnessed and what I've had messages of thanks for ....

  • so much more confidence and belief in themselves
  • a timely reminder on why they started their practice in the first place and have pivoted to get back on that path than the path they had been led down by others
  • no longer putting up with things / behaviours / demands they thought they had to from clients, colleagues and staff
  • the confidence to say no to a client engagement
  • the confidence to terminate a client engagement
  • embracing and mastering technology that they didn’t even know existed
  • putting an actual figure on what money they want to be making
  • the confidence to increase prices
  • the confidence to start charging for things they had been giving away for free
  • making a lot more money
  • enjoying the weekends and not having to work

Ready to get started on your pathway to a Balanced Firm?

Join over 60 other practice owners who have completed the 5 Steps to a Balanced Firm program and experienced a positive change in both their practice and their life.


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