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How to Offer Profitable Tax Planning Services to your SME Clients Offer

Everything you need to articulate, introduce, price, market, prepare and deliver your tax planning service.

What you'll get:

  • templates
  • marketing material
  • questionnaire
  • scripts
  • procedures
  • excel worksheet and report strategy list
  • meeting agenda
  • letters
  • distribution minutes
The course is for small and solo accounting practice owners who want to:
  • start offering a tax planning service to their SME clients 
  • offer a more formalised tax planning service to their SME clients
  • produce accurate, thorough and easy to understand reports showing estimated profit and estimated tax that allow them and their clients to work through various tax planning strategies and to develop strategies and an action plan
  • improve the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of their tax planning process
  • eventually invest in more expensive tax planning software, however at the present time they are unable to justify this from a pricing / volume perspective and are particularly interested in learning more about the actual processes and system that will be their foundation on which they can keep building on each year. In saying that, I used the same system each year and just changed the tax rates and added new strategies as needed and my clients loved it! 
The course is not for larger sized accounting practice owners who want to:
  • offer a more complex tax planning service for multiple / large entity groups 
  • produce automated tax planning reports
  • produce comprehensive reports with multiple "what if" scenarios as there are so many great software products on the market that do this very well and would be more suitable.