Self Paced Online Course $997 10-15 Hours CPD + 3 months membership to The Balanced Firm Community

Power Up Your Profits

This is the only program you will ever need to be running your practice like a boss and be paid like CEO! You’ll master your true value and find the courage to charge what you are worth helping you to build a profitable practice without the burnout!

Master the numbers that matter and pop the hood on your own business to gain clarity and strategies that increase your bottom line at any stage of practice ownership.

What you will learn

Stage: Seeding or Starting Out
determine what you want to be paid and value yourself from Day 1
develop a pricing schedule that won’t see you taking a pay cut from the wage you just left
get all the tools to start out the right way
the way you start will be the way you finish!
You can learn these lessons yourself

Stage: Recalibrating
revisit all aspects of your practice and your life
identify what’s working and what’s not
get direction, tools and strategies that work
tweak, pivot and start reaping the rewards

Stage: Growing and scaling up
to grow a practice successfully and profitably requires
rock solid foundations and a roadmap
grow and scale with purpose and in accordance to your vision

Why I Created This Course

I am passionate about practice owners being well remunerated for their efforts and creating a business that works for them.

For me, my practice was always profitable and even in the first year I matched my prior salary. There was pressure for my practice to be profitable as I was the breadwinner and my husband was a stay at home Dad.
I attribute this financial success to paying close attention to my numbers consistently no matter how “good” or “bad”. It took time, but I discovered the formula on what numbers to track, how to analyse them, identify leaks and ultimately positively change them. Tracking and measuring my numbers consistently put me in the drivers seat of my practice.

In this course, I bring together all the practical resources and systems that I developed and used as a sole practitioner and continued to use when I brought on a business partner.

Does this sound like you?

I’m working too many hours

I’m not getting enough reward for the work I do

I have not balance in my life

I know I don’t focus enough on the $’s in my practice but I’m exhausted and at a loss and I’m not even sure what numbers I should be focussing on

I’m working like a madman or manwoman and I’m not even netting $50K a year!

I feel like I’m flying blind

I’m good at what I do and my clients love me but financially I’m going backwards. I’m embarrassed and I don’t know what to do.

My team are getting paid more than me!

In the Power Up Your Profits course you will gain confidence in the numbers area of your business and coupled with the excellent skills and expertise I know you have in the technical and client relationship building areas, this final piece of the puzzle will have that bottom line and your remuneration package start moving in the right direction!

Are you ready to turn around your numbers and your life today?

Course Delivery

Here is how it rolls out:

The Power Up your Profits program is run on the Mighty Network platform away from distractions and in a safe community of small and solo accounting practice owners. You will work through the course on your own, and is self paced. Along with the program content, lessons, templates and videos you will receive 3 months free membership to the Balanced Firm Community where you have the opportunity to engage, collaborate with other practice owners just like you. This community is priceless! 

Module 1 – Clarity and Strategy around personal worth and wealth

Module 2 – Clarity and Strategy around practice numbers

Module 3 – Lifting the hood on your practice numbers and your position in the industry

Module 4 – The reality of the profitability of your current client base

Module 5 –  Tracking and measuring consistently for success

What you will learn:

  • Structures and worksheets to nail your practice management numbers that you will do in private
  • Clear picture of where you currently sit against industry KPI’s
  • Understand formulas that you may have never seen as these are the things that your former bosses would have kept secret
  • Compare against Amanda’s own numbers at different parts of her practice journey (from the start, to having one staff, to having more staff, to having premises)
  • Determine what you should be earning from your practice
  • Understand standard pricing across the accounting industry and develop your own schedule of fees for over 50 services to help you quote, engage and re-engage clients
  • Strategy to work out fees for clients and work through live client examples with WIP etc 
  • Framework and agenda to track numbers, to keep you accountable and profitable and to motivate staff.

The stuff Amamda shares in the course is the stuff you dont learn at uni or working for a boss. It’s stuff Amanda has learnt the hard way, through trial and error, sleepless nights and bits and pieces taken from courses, mentors and coaches that she has spent well over $100,000 on over the years.

Accounting Practice Mentor
Accounting Practice Mentor

Here's just a few examples on what I've witnessed and what I've had messages of thanks for ....

Participants wish they had have had something like this to guide them when they first set off on this journey. They say it would have helped to avoid a few heartaches & headaches!.
So much more confidence and conviction around setting boundaries and their prices. A participant whilst doing the course secured two new client groups for tax work where the annual fee was $10k each “and they both did not blink, so happy days! “I am starting to value myself. More clients like that and I am going to tell the smaller tyre kickers and time wasters to F right off!!!! 😉”
A desire to focus on increasing their remuneration and their profits and not just settling for what is leftover at the end of the month or year
Clarity about where to make changes in their practice to move the needle
One participant said that after they watched one of the videos on average wages for principals they had a “little performance review with themself” and increased their wages on the spot after realising “they had been paying themself peanuts”.
Another participant decided to scrap their heavily discounted first meeting fee and was set to net just over $200 extra per meeting!

Ready to Power Up Your Profits?

Only what is known can be changed! This course will help you identify financial leaks in your practice and empower you with the clarity to make courageous, financially beneficial change to your practice and your lifestyle. Break the cycle of “busy” going backwards!


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