Self Paced Online Course $997
7.5-10 Hours CPD + membership to 30 June 2022 to The Balanced Firm Community

How to Offer Profitable Tax Planning Services to your SME Clients - doors now open with official live launch on Friday 18 March at 1pm ADST.

This is the only program you will ever need to gain complete confidence in preparing and delivering a valuable and profitable tax planning service to your SME clients. Your clients will happily pay for your time, knowledge and experience! You’ll master your what your tax planning service will look like, what your tax planning fee will be, ways to introduce and market your new or improved tax planning service to your clients. You'll get all my marketing scripts and client questionnaire for you to tweak to your language and align with your brand and learn step by step, the exact tax planning process that I successfully used in my practice for over 10 years.

What you will learn

Stage: Seeding or Starting Out
✓  Start offering a formal, efficient and profitable tax planning service to your SME clients. 
✓  get all the tools to start out the right way
✓  how to price your tax planning service
✓  how to market this service and convince clients to pay
✓  the way you start will be the way you finish!
✓  You can learn these lessons yourself

Stage: Recalibrating 
✓  perfect for if you have been offering tax planning but not very formalised and certainly not charging appropriately for it
✓  separate this service from just an extra conversation when you present the annual work
✓  A structured process so no more back of the envelope calculations and gives you the power to charge and deliver differently
✓  get direction, tools and strategies that work
✓  tweak, pivot and start reaping the financial rewards

Stage: Growing and scaling up
✓  tax planning is part of a powerful suite of business advisory and business development services that you offer to all clients 
✓  An efficient and tax planning process makes it easy to get your staff involved in the process
✓  Gain the confidence to offer tax planning to all of your clients  
✓  grow and scale with purpose and in accordance to your vision

Tax Planning For Success!

I am passionate about practice owners offering a profitable and efficient tax planning services to their SME clients

March. I used to love this time of the year in my practice – it was when all the fun and magic used to take place. It’s a time to wrap up the last of the tax returns and a time to look ahead and plan. I hear you say “we still have until 15 May, 5 June or 30 June, what’s the big rush”?

Well, technically you do have that long, but my approach and mindset was that clients had been afforded ample opportunity over the previous 8 months for me to do their taxes. Those clients that need to defer lodgement until 15 May, well they can simply be done and held for lodgement!


My attention from 1 March turned to helping my clients and investing time working on my practice and my team.  The outcome for the clients and myself were the same – to finish the year strong, get tax saving strategies in place, get the new financial year plans in place – budgets, price rises, pay rises, revisiting business visions, resetting goals and for myself and my team, updating work papers and checklists and scheduling next year’s workflow. 


I created this course to help small and solo accounting practice owners gain confidence, learn and implement and tried and and tested tax planning process that will forever be your tax planning foundation which can be built on and embellished with your flavour into the future

Course delivery

Here is how it rolls out

The How to Offer Profitable Tax Planning Services to your SME Clients program is run on the Mighty Network platform away from distractions and in a safe community of small and solo accounting practice owners. You will work through the course on your own, and is self paced. Along with the program content, lessons, templates and videos you will receive complimentary membership to the Balanced Firm Community up until 30 June 2022 where you will have the opportunity to engage, collaborate with other practice owners just like you and attend the monthly guest masterclass and monthly Q & A coaching session with Amanda.   This community is priceless! 


For each module there’s a video explaining the concept and the role it plays in the tax planning process and all the resources so all you need to do is tweak and add your practice’s flavour.


Module 1 – Articulating and pricing your tax planning service

Module 2 – Explaining your tax planning process and Marketing it to your client base

Module 3 – The tax planning process and the preliminary work required

Module 4 – Preparing the tax plan and considering the tax planning strategies appropriate

Module 5 –  Presenting the tax plan to your clients and selecting which of the suggested tax planning strategies will be implemented prior to 30 June 2022

Module 6 –  Finalising the tax plan and action plan, issuing the tax planning report, trust distribution minutes where applicable and invoice

What You Get:

All the resources you will need to offer an efficient, valuable and profitable tax planning service to your SME clients. 


  • Templates
  • Marketing material
  • Scripts for newsletters, emails, social media introducing your tax planning service
  • Tax planning client questionnaire
  • Tax planning procedure
  • Tax planning excel workbook and report
  • Strategy list
  • Tax planning meeting agenda
  • Tax planning advice letter
  • Trust distribution minutes 


There is also a private mighty network group for sharing your wins, challenges and questions with a supportive group of like minded accounting practice owners. Amanda will also be in that group to assist participants  with guidance, direction and reassurance.

What they say

What the 2020 Course Participants said

“This was a great course last year and excellent value for money.” 

“I decided to offer a couple of tiers of tax planning packages and within the first week of me rolling out my offer, I had 2 clients take up my highest priced package. Funnily enough, what they paid for the tax planning package was much higher than they had paid for their 2019 compliance work!!!!”

What they say

What the 2021 Course Participants are saying

“You’ve thought of everything.”

“Basically I never understood tax planning –
but now I realised I’d been doing a stripped back version of it all along
and not charging much or appropriately for it.

“You’ve done an amazing job putting all this together.”

“My target was just to get 1 client to say yes, to cover the cost of the program, so have already exceeded expectations”

Do you want a solution to remove those compliance handcuffs that trap you and control you?

Offering a formal tax planning service definitely ticks that box, increasing practice profitability, giving you greater work satisfaction and  developing stronger client relationships.


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