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The coach for small and solo accounting practice owners

Are you winning in practice or are you winging it?

Did you start your accounting practice because you wanted more time, money, choice and flexibility, only to find yourself busier than ever and thinking “WTF did I do?” It doesn’t have to be this way. Let me show you how to balance a successful practice with a wonderful personal life (and be paid what you’re worth).

Change your practice game plan today!!!!
Accounting Practice Coaching

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Be part of a supportive and safe community of small and solo Australian accounting practice owners who are just like you.
Accounting Practice Coaching

Are you leaving Money on the Table?

Are you giving away too much of your precious time, expertise and value and short changing yourself?
Accounting Practice Consultant

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Accounting industry info and advice, including practical tips on clients, pricing, services, technology, profits and work/life balance.
Accounting Practice Coaching

Are you leaving Money on the Table?

Are you giving away too much of your precious time and expertise but still short changing yourself?

5 On The Fly Friday Weekly Newsletter

Hi, I'm Amanda!


I coach and mentor small and solo accounting practice owners who have turnover from $0 – $1.5 million and are looking for a healthy balance of fulfilment, freedom and money!

I’m a Fellow Chartered Accountant with over twenty five years of experience. I’ve worked for big corporates as well as running my own practice for eighteen years before I became a business coach exclusively for small and solo accounting practice owners.

Through my industry advocacy work, online community, resources, courses and my coaching and mentoring, I can show you how to build a better practice and a better life.


Feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

You are not alone Here’s 8 ways to help you get back on track.

Whether you are a practice owner starting out, scaling back or scaling up, this video will kick-start a better experience as a business owner!

I understand the ins and outs of small and solo accounting practice ownership

You can be empathetic and commercial…  and this is what my courses, resources and coaching will help you to do.


Gain confidence and courage with your pricing so you can be remunerated to reflect your value and worth.


Discover legacy policies and processes in your practice that are zapping your time and costing you money.


Create and nurture a practice culture that will see you being an employer of choice.


Have a client base of ideal clients willing to pay you and who you love working with.


Automate repetitive and non-chargeable tasks in your practice and empower your clients to follow your lead.


Create a practice that is the right size for you and is totally aligned with your business and life vision.


This is your practice and your life. You deserve a fun, rewarding and profitable business!


Reignite your passion for your practice and start working to live not living to work!

The 5 Pillars

To find your practice sweet spot

Let me show you exactly how

Step One

Nail Your Vision & Upgrade Mindset

It is hard to move in the right direction and stay on course if you don’t know where you are going. Let’s work on getting super clear on your vision for your practice and your life. Knowing what’s really important to you and why you are doing it, will set your path and make all of your decision making a breeze.

It will also help you say NO unapologetically.

Finding your passion isn’t just about career and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs
#loveyourpractice #loveyourlife


Step Two

Articulating & Finding Your Ideal Clients

You don’t have to work with every person who comes your way. Let’s identify the people you like working  with and who light you up. We will create a message and strategy to attract more of them to your accounting practice and politely move on the ones who are no longer a fit for you and your practice direction.

I have finally gotten to the point of accepting that I CAN pick and choose clients – I can also sack them and my work life improves and does not fall down around my ears!

#loveyourpractice #loveyourlife


Solo Practice Owner, Participant of The Balanced Firm Course

Step Three

Design, Price & Market Your Services

Being clear on the services you offer makes life easier for you, your team and your clients. Learn how to package your services, price them more confidently and profitably and develop a marketing plan to existing and potential clients. Your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated, just clear and well articulated. Then you’ll get the results and profits you want.

I realised from doing your course, that I do not charge enough for my time and expertise. A few minutes here and there add up as do those tasks that a client can do but chooses not to – there is now a fee applicable. More $$$$


Solo Practice Owner, Participant of The Balanced Firm Course

Step Four

Develop A Winning Culture

Get super clear on the practice culture you are wanting to create and nurture. Motivated and happy staff achieve more for their employer, stay longer and become raving fans for your practice. Become an employer of choice and an accounting practice of choice that clients and colleagues are proud to be a part of and refer to.

I used to believe that culture was ‘soft,’ and had little bearing on our bottom line. What I believe today is that our culture has everything to do with our bottom line, now and into the future.


Vern Dosch

Author, Wired Differently

Step Five

Embrace Technology & Streamline Operations

Are you and your clients missing the shortcuts to success? Are the costs of tech tools holding you back? I will show you cost effective tech tools that leading, contemporary small and solo accounting practices are using to save themselves and their clients so much time and money. Let tech do all the heavy lifting, reduce human error, keep you compliant and give you the flexibility to work from anywhere!

Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

Bill Gates

Co-Founder of Microsoft

Ready to get started?

Let’s get you off that hamster wheel! If you are tired of going around in circles and constantly taking on extra work with nothing to show for it, book a strategy call with me today. We’ll discuss some of the easy steps you can take to crack the code of business/life balance.


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