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Why Join The Balanced Firm Community?


There are so many benefits of being a Balanced Firm member, and like anything in life the more you put in the more you will get out. In addition to collaboration, conversation and support there’s added perks of masterclasses, zoom sessions and resources for practice management.

Join other practice owners just like you in the new way to do business. You longer have to struggle on your own, this is all about Community over Competition!

Hi! Amanda here,

A little bit about me.

After 18 years as a practice owner, I now coach, mentor and consult exclusively to small and solo accounting practice owners who want to embrace contemporary practice ways that are a win/win for all – themselves, their families, their teams and their clients.  I’ve developed quite a niche with accounting practice owners who are after more of a lifestyle practice, many of whom have children or who would like to start a family in the near future and want a practice that not only ticks the boxes professionally and financially but personally too!

I am passionate about practice owners offering a profitable and efficient Tax Planning Services to their SME clients

March. I used to love this time of the year in my practice – it was when all the fun and magic used to take place. It’s a time to wrap up the last of the tax returns and a time to look ahead and plan. I hear you say “we still have until 15 May, 5 June or 30 June, what’s the big rush”?

Well, technically you do have that long, but my approach and mindset was that clients had been afforded ample opportunity over the previous 8 months for me to do their taxes. Those clients that need to defer lodgement until 15 May, well they can simply be done and held for lodgement!

My attention from 1 March turned to helping my clients and investing time working on my practice and my team. The outcome for the clients and myself were the same – to finish the year strong, get tax saving strategies in place, get the new financial year plans in place – budgets, price rises, pay rises, revisiting business visions, resetting goals and for myself and my team, updating work papers and checklists and scheduling next year’s workflow.

I created this course to help small and solo accounting practice owners gain confidence, learn and implement and tried and and tested tax planning process that will forever be your tax planning foundation which can be built on and embellished with your flavour into the future

Benefits You Receive


Clarity and Confidentiality: An easy to use platform without the “noise” of social media. A community with it's sole purpose to serve you and your practice with absolute privacy.

✓ Collaborate: A place to connect, support and collaborate with other like minded practice owners. Giving members the confidence to show up authentically.

Support Anywhere! Access the community, resources, coaching and courses via dedicated “The Balanced Firm” android or IOS app on your phone.

✓ Save Money. Along with your membership you receive discounted prices from software partners and service partners

 Enjoy a personalised experience with the ability to curate your own news feed based on topics you are interested in.

A Monthly Masterclass with a guest speaker. Learn live or watch on replay with some classes being eligible for CPD hours.

 Monthly Q & A session with Amanda 

 Monthly Book, Podcast and Challenge inspire you and help you grow 

✓ Community Pricing get member discounts and first dibs on courses, potentially saving well over your annual subscription.

Member only library with access to Amanda’s Little Pink Book of resources and all past recorded masterclasses.


What's my Investment?


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Annual Payment


Do you want daily updates around compliance, inspiration & a collaborative space to interact with other small and solo accounting practice owners who want a better practice & a better life just like you.

Follow along with monthly themes, weekly education & sharing with your peers to accelerate growth & learning. Covering topics like leadership, practice management, team culture, client relations, technology, pricing and many more. This virtual village is a place to pose questions and bring your own experiences to the collective.


Do you want a solution to remove those compliance handcuffs that trap you and control you?

Offering a formal tax planning service definitely ticks that box, increasing practice profitability, giving you greater work satisfaction and  developing stronger client relationships.