2023/2024 Pricing Guide 


Are you a small or solo accounting practice owner who thinks they are leaving money on the table? I have collated nearly 70 of the most common services accounting practices provide. I share my fees I charged back in 2016, which my clients happily paid and have indexed them to year 2023/2024 and added tweaks here and there.


Here's what you'll get...

  • An excel spreadsheet of over 70 of the most common services small and solo accounting practices provide
  • Enter your current pricing
  • With your rates and mine side by side, decide your 2023/2024 fees and set yourself up to quote, engage and re-engage with confidence, ease and greater profitability
  • A professional letter to help you communicate and explain your fee increases to clients that you may like to use in it’s entirety or as inspiration for your own.


“This price list is so detailed and helps to cover all services, not just the obvious ones. It helps when quoting, and staff on same page when invoicing & clients happy to know costs upfront! Some we weren’t charging enough for!”


“I have found this to be an awesome resource! Has given me some added confidence in my pricing and highlighted the areas where I have been undercharging. Just what I needed. Thanks Amanda!”


“Yes I know it’s Saturday night but I’ve finally sat down and worked out a fee schedule using Amanda’s menu of services price list as a guide. 18 months in, starting from scratch, and my pricing has been all over the place and so inconsistent. It’s been quite an eye opener seeing how I’m undervaluing my time and expertise. I’m quite confident I can achieve a turnover increase of at least 60-80% in 2021-22 with the enquires I’ve had coming through and a set fee schedule. I’m feeling accomplished and very optimistic for the upcoming tax year”


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