An open letter to all The Balanced Firm Community

Nov 07, 2022

It’s with excitement I write to you all today to announce I’m shaking things up, so to speak, in The Balanced Firm Community.


From today, 14 November 2021 I welcome you to join The Balanced Firm Community, a new subscription portal (less than $1 per day), hosted by trusted digital community hub, The Mighty Networks. It’s like just moved house, but it’s bigger, got a better view, and all the mod cons.


Here you can enjoy what I see will be an improved experience of collaboration and learning with those other accounting practice owners you’ve come to trust and rely on in this Facebook group.


While I will continue to support this Facebook hosted community with some weekly posts, from 1 December I will no longer interact and facilitate conversation within the group and the group will be archived.


Below I share with you (1) why I’ve chosen this new approach for The Balanced Firm Community (2) the improved benefits I see for your investment in the subscription fee of $29.99AUD/month. If you join now and continue to remain a member, you will enjoy this low rate forever. If you jump out and want to jump back in, you will then be subjected to the price at that time.


I understand that some of you may not be sure whether moving to this new portal is for you. I welcome you all to try it out with my complementary 1 month free trial. Just click here and follow the prompts.


Whatever you decide, I thank you all for your involvement in The Balanced Firm Facebook Community. It’s been a fabulous experience where we’ve all grown and learned from each other and found inspiration and belonging. I’m so proud to have founded and nurtured this community. An exciting next step awaits.


Why I’ve chosen to move to The Mighty Networks to host The Balanced Firm Community


For a long time, I’ve felt there is a huge amount of untapped potential in this group to improve the lives of accounting practice owners through the collaboration with others.


I see if I can just invest more of my time and resources in this community I can:

  • Foster a richer collaboration and sense of belonging between members
  • Guide a more structured approach to learning
  • Support interactions with more timely and thoughtful advice
  • Introduce members to more helpful partnerships and tools

A subscription service allows me to invest more in your experience so your:

  • time is better spent
  • business relationships are more valuable in so many ways
  • insights are more powerful to help you live a more fulfilling life now and into the future.

The improved benefits from subscribing to the new The Balanced Firm Community

  • Private and professional community. Hosted on the trusted community platform Mighty Networks, away from the prying eyes of Facebook and your personal contacts, you’ll experience a professional forum with like-minded accounting practice owners.
  • More of what you need and less of what you don’t. Topics will be more uniquely curated to your needs for the best use of your time. You can toggle on and off topics.
  • Education, empowerment and encouragement. Monthly themes provide inspiration and learning and also on offer are monthly masterclasses with a guest and monthly Q & A group coaching calls with me
  • Improved functionality with an easy-to-use and navigate mobile app. For those on the go, you can easily scroll to training and forum topics important to you right now.
  • Timely management and curation of content. In addition to my VA Adrienne Donnelly who you all know, I’ve employed a social media community manager Jodi Frizzel, so your concerns and questions will be managed from a bigger team giving you faster access to the information you need.
  • Discounts on tools and resources. I can now develop stronger partnerships with technology and accounting practice suppliers to offer member discounts and also offer discounts and special promotions on my products and services.
  • One login and one platform for everything. Whether you are in the community, doing one of the online courses, doing the free monthly Q & A or Masterclass, or one of my coaching clients everything is in one place and you can move through the platform whatever way you want.


As with the Facebook group, the new The Balanced Firm Community hosted on the Mighty Networks will offer unique opportunities.


My promise is The Balanced Firm Community will continue to be a place for small and solo accounting practice owners to master their practice management skills and to take control of their practices and their lives through community conversation so that we can all have fun rewarding and profitable practices, the confidence and courage to make decisions aligned to our individual visions and

  • Solve real-life human issues that help you be paid what you’re worth, build your book of clients and crack the code on work / life balance.
  • Discover camaraderie and collaboration among thousands of accounting practice owners in AU / NZ just like you.
  • Enjoy guided coaching from my award-winning approach as The Balanced Firm Founder.
  • Save on discounted resources, products, and services from some of the region’s biggest brands supporting the accounting sector.
  • Access up to 6 CPD hours of content curated to actually assist you in practice instead something to tick off the hours


I have spoken to so many practice owners that would have loved to have been a part of The Balanced Firm previously but have simply not wanted to join Facebook. And I’ve also been told by others that The Balanced Firm is the only group they are in and staying on Facebook purely for this reason.


I trust that you will love this new initiative and do hope that you will embrace the change and will absolutely love the platform. I will be jumping on to do a few Facebook lives and to answer any questions you may have.


Amanda xx


PS I’ll post below what it looks like inside. Very organised with all posts allocated to a topic. I will keep adding topics as necessary and it’s almost like a library of resources!!