Cull your Christmas Gift List

Oct 24, 2022

Be a happy little reindeer – cull your Christmas gift list.

2 years ago, I sent this message to friends and family that I had a tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts going back for a long, long time. Our kids were all getting older and you know those $10 or $20 gifts we used to buy, well they were getting harder and harder to find and were getting replaced by $30, $40 or $50 gift cards. We were also finding ourselves madly rushing around buying gifts, trying to squeeze in a quick visit before Christmas, exchange gifts and promise to catch up when we had more time. How insane, right!

Here is the actual text message I sent if you would like to borrow. It really works and you will instantly feel a sense of relief. I received text messages back pretty much straight away saying what a great idea.

“The true meaning of Christmas is often lost in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day and buying gifts and getting together during this time is often a challenge. So I would like to take some stress away from both of us and saying let’s not exchange gifts. Instead, I am going to make a donation to a few charities so that they can spread some Christmas cheer to those that really need it and I am only buying gifts to exchange on Christmas Day.

During the Christmas and New Year break we will have an open house policy and would love you and your family to come down and visit me, Jason and the boys – we will provide you with the gift of hospitality, food and drink (no need to bring anything but yourselves).

Hope you understand and are happy with this arrangement.

Love Amanda xx