Quality Control Manual Workshopย 

The idea of the workshop is to join myself and a group of likeminded practice owners to start, complete or update your Quality Control (QC) manual inย a "do it with you" style way.


Are you a small or solo accounting practice owner looking to create, update, or complete your Quality Control (QC) manual but don't know where to start?

Look no further than my Quality Control Manual Workshop.

This 4-hour workshop is designed to join you and a group of like-minded practice owners to create, update, or complete your QC manual in a "do it with you" style way. In the workshop, I present content relevant to each section of the manual and explain the requirements and how you can practically use this information to help run and manage your practice.

The workshop is interactive and includes plenty of time for questions. At the end of each section, participants are moved into zoom rooms depending on which professional body they belong to and complete the relevant section in accordance with the specific layout and requirements provided by the professional body template. I then jump into each room to provide guidance, support, and answer any questions.

This is not just a workshop where you will be listening - you will be doing, and we will be doing it together as each participant works through the QA manual template from their professional body. By the end of the workshop, your manual will be either completed or very near completion.

In addition to creating, updating, or completing your QC manual, this workshop provides considerable amounts of content that can actually be repurposed in so many other ways. It's an investment that can pay dividends beyond just the creation of your manual.

And don't worry if you haven't even got a QC manual - my lips are sealed. In fact, it was someone in that boat who inspired me to put on this workshop at short notice. They may or may not have been selected for a QC review next month, but that's beside the point.

Non-compliance with 5 APES were part of the top 8 issues CA ANZ uncovered in the year ended 30 June 2019 when they reviewed members who provided compilation and taxation services in Australia. And this is the reason why it's so important to have a QC manual in place.

What you'll get from the Quality Control Manual Workshop

Access exclusive content. I've designed the Quality Control Manual Workshop to be really practical and will showcase to you that it is so much more than something to do to because your professional bodies says you have to have one.

Meet new people. Your fellow participants are as motivated as you are to get this pesky job off their to-do list and start, revise and complete their Quality Control Manual.

Get results. As we dive into the course content during 4 hours of power, you will walk away with a comprehensive, tailored Quality Control Manual Workshop that will be a useful practice management resource. It will also ensure that you remain calm and free from panic when you get the call up from your professional body for a Quality Review.


Janette Ball

Thank you for holding this workshop Amanda, it was invaluable. It was such an effective way of getting the QC manual completed. As always, your way of breaking down everything into chunks, along with the resources and discussion, made the whole process achievable and so much less of a boring chore.

Mai Pauling

This workshop offers great value for money. I had the monkey of the Quality Control Manual on my back for ages and when Amanda offered this program I jumped at the chance to finally put it to bed. We discussed the various sections of the manual together and then broke out into separate “rooms” based on our professional association to work through the section. It was great to be able to sound ideas and questions off other practitioners dealing with the same issues. If you haven’t done your QA manual yet, or if you want to tweak it, I thoroughly recommend this workshop.

Deb Fletcher

I recently attended a QA Manual Preparation workshop with Amanda that I can highly recommend.  I needed to update my manual and taking the time to attend this workshop forced me to get on and do it.  Amanda is so helpful and has great ideas so well worth doing this as a workshop rather than trying to do on my own.

Don't wait until it's too late when you get that dreaded email from your professional body

Join my Quality Control Manual Workshop and create, update, or complete your QC manual in a fun, interactive, and judgment-free environment. Sign up today and get this pesky job off your to-do list and feel the weight lifted from your shoulders!